Two-headed alligator spotted in Tampa, Florida along the Hillsborough River in the Seminole Heights neighborhood. According to Florida Fish and Wildlife, this alligator has been reported by several people. They explained that failed separation of monozygotic twins is common in reptiles and amphibians but they rarely reach this juvenile state.

I checked this out online…no sign of photoshop! This is honestly the first time I’ve seen a dicephalic, non-infant animal in the wild!








Benham’s disk.

People report seeing different colours while looking at it, from Brown to Green to Yellow to Purple. Some people see no colours at all, and some see a variation of all of them.

The phenomenon is not entirely understood, one possible theory however has to do with the colour receptors in the eyes responding at different rates to red, green, and blue.

What colour do you see? 

i see green

I see gold and purple.

light blue and forest green


I had to go open this in photoshop to confirm I wasn’t actually seeing forest green

yeah, that look yellow to me

i’m seeing both a pale purple and blue :o

(Source: xyprogramming)


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